Weight management
Losing weight is not just about healthy eating and exercising. More importantly, it is about your ATTITUDE towards weight management. A holistic approach towards lifelong weight management.

Learn all the techniques, creative ways to exercise at home using home fixtures or simple daily tools. No more excuses for not exercising!

Injury Management
The session will talk about work-related injuries, sports and overused injuries. You will learn ways to prevent injuries, differentiate them and manage them effectively.

Stress Management
Learn ways to cope with everyday stress with effective exercise classes and stress relief methods that will relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Work-life balance
This workshop helps to identify your priority, create a personal plan, learn strategies and techniques to balance life at home and work.

Starting an Exercise Programme
Provide participants with basic knowledge of components of physical fitness, the FITT principle, the difference between anaerobic and aerobic, identify road blocks and set fitness goals so that participants become well-equipped with initiating an exercise programme.

Exercise the right way
Understand the importance of warm-up and cool-down, why certain exercises are contra-indicated, learn proper form and execution and breathing techniques during exercising.

How muscles work?
Become more informed of the human anatomy and what goes behind the mechanics and movement of muscles.

Exercise myths & facts
Find out why spot reduction is not effective, how much water consumption is sufficient, how does fat oxidation occur and other fitness fallacies.

Monitoring of exercise intensity
Learn about Karvonen formula, caculation of mass heart rate, the importance of achieving the training effect and different ways of monitoring your cardiovascular workout.

Exercise motivation and adherence
Address the issues of exercise dropouts, boredom, examine exercise behaviours and provide participants with strategies to enjoy and maintain their fitness experience.

Stretch for success
Experiencing tightness in your muscles. Discover ways of enhancing your flexibility for daily routines & learn how to stretch effectively.

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