Aerobics (hi/lo impact)
High energy class combining high and low moves with conditioning work for abdominals, arms and legs.

A non-contact, adrenaline-pumping workout. It is intended to lose body fat, gain muscle tone, build strength and endurance

Total Body conditioning
Tone up the flabs and strengthen our body parts. This class helps to tone up your body. It is slow paced and very suitable for beginners who have not exercised at all, have stopped exercising for a long time or for people recovering from injuries

An intensive workout in which moves and stances are developed from a range of self defence disciplines including karate, tae-kwon-do and boxing

Fitness Bootcamp
Specially designed for reservist, NS men striving for good results and students who are going for NS. A systematic and effective programme to improve your IPPT, improve your overall fitness and of course, reach your goals.

Aerobic Self-Defense
It is the combination of aerobics and various strikes executed in the martial arts. It provides useful self-protection skills in combination with an aerobic workout.

Integrates both mind and body for total performance and an effective means of achieving mind/body health using light music to enhance the experience.

A system of coordinated body-mind spirit development through natural movements under strict control of the will with emphasis on concentration, centering, movement and breathing.

Line dancing
Line Dancing incorporates pre-set routines of moves performed in lines. Everyone starts at the same time, dances the same steps in synchronisation with everyone else and finishes with the end of the music. Music used for dancing has a moderate tempo or walking pace and most of the dances are suitable for any age group.

Latin Aerobics
Fun & uplifting, lots of hip and interesting arm movements, gyrating to Caribbean rhythms and latin music; combine with aerobics moves to generate an unusual workout experience.

Street dance moves with funky & hip hop style. Move and groove to trendy tunes and high energy music

Taiji is one catagory of Qigong forms. Taiji consists generally of 108 separate movements that are connected together into a specific order. The balance and flow of one's internal self healing energies is enhanced by the slow, intentful, meditative movements of Taiji.

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